Overcoming the Obsession with Financial Metrics

Financial metrics and economic thinking currently dominate our society. Government policy is focused on economic growth (as measured by GDP – Gross Domestic Product) while many companies are driven by quarterly profits.

Yet these financial metrics are not a good compass for decision making – we need better metrics to navigate the societal and environmental challenges that we face. MetricsFortheFuture.com was founded by Rutger Hoekstra in 2019 with a mission is to overcome society’s damaging obsession with financial metrics.

Specifically, MetricsFortheFuture.com helps in two areas:

  • Beyond-GDP: I help Governments and International Institutes to focus on Well-being & Sustainability rather than Economic Growth.
  • Beyond-Profit. I help Businesses to focus on creating Long Term Value rather than Short-Term Profit.

I am also a speaker on how we can transition to a well-being society. My speeches are based on my 20 year experience (working for/with Statistics Netherlands, OECD, WorldBank, United Nations, European Comission, ECB, KPMG and many other organisations) as well as my book “Replacing GDP by 2030” (see endorsements and press).

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I am proud member of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) and encourage you to support and join this community spreading ideas for a society based on wellbeing, sustainability and equity.